We visited Iran in a travel group of 20 ,some for the second time ,,because the people are so nice.
we came to a wonderful world of light ,and color,mosques ,and palaces ,ancient ruins ,and beautiful art and breathtaking mountains scenery ,and unchanged desert.
We marvelled at the  movement  back and forth of nomadic peoples, and invaders, religions, and civilizations ,as our footsteps followed the footsteps of history in this fascinating land.
And everywhere the smiling friendliness ,and welcome of the people, very reassuring when we were lost in the Bazaar, or needed assistance climbing out of a crypt or jumping down from a ledge.
We had very good tour guides, particularly Hossein Ravanyar, a warm and friendly man whom we all liked immensely. He is a fluent English speaker, very knowledgeable, and good humored, who gave us the historical background of the places we visited, and answered all our questions.

Thank you Hossein


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