Trip in Iran
   We are a couple from France. It was our dream to visit Iran ! I am sure those who are interested in old cultures they can't avoid a trip to this famous ancient Empire. It is a great pity you see a lot of bad news about Iran in European medias, sometimes,wich may disappoint the people who are eager to travel to this country. We were there and saw a very nice country with a unique hospitable people ! Mr Hossein, Tourist manager,is one of them.He was really very helpful in our arrival and when we left Iran. While you have this kind man at the border I promise all your customs formalities and paper work will be done as quick as possible ! We never forget his kind service in our first step to Iran ! We still are in touch with him and look forward to see him in our probable future visit to Iran once again.
  We are sure he will be successful in his new activities because he loves his country and wants more tourists to travel to Iran.

M et Mme Guilhot
June 2001

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