A trip to Iran

In the spring of 2002, I had the great pleasure of traveling through Iran. As an American, and given the political rhetoric and realities of the time, I was excited to be able wander behind the screens of common misperception that veil of this marvelous country. I was not disappointed at what I found and experienced.  Besides the rich history, stunning architecture, and humbling landscapes, it was the Iranian people that made this travel so wonderful. Welcoming, open, and sincere.  I feel that in my short 3 weeks traveling in Iran, I made numerous friends, some, like Hossein Ravanyar of Tabriz, who I am certain I will see again.
I spent 3 days with Hossein in Tabriz before crossing overland to Turkey. I enjoyed his hospitality on several occassions, and wandered the city with him.  Hossein was the gentleman host, with experience, knowledge, and yes opinions, he generously shared. And when it came time to cross the border, Hossein was there, bantering with his former colleagues, making sure I did not experience any problems.
If you have a chance to visit Iran, do so.
You will not be disappointed.
Robert Leutheuser
Albuquerque, New Mexico  USA
June 2002

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