In the summer of 2001 I had the great idea of traveling to Iran by car, a Ssang Yong Musso.
Starting at Venice (Italy) I came across Slovenia, Croatia, Hungaria, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Iran. The full journey alone! My wife and my child arrived later in Tehran by plane on the 11th of august.
Three weeks and 8000 Km. I, my car and the road. The road, my car and I. On august the 4th I'm one week ahead of time and at the Iran border.
40 degrees celcius , veiled women in black, the tiredness, no western people for a fiendly support, visa, carnet de passage, documents, bagage check,...Oh my God!!
You can imagine my sensations at that moment.
Like a mirage. this Mr. Hossein! My anchorman, the comet star you must follow after the gate. Who is he? The special man at the border. He radiates all the positive aspects of Persian people.
Please don't listen to what the western media and politicans say and write about Middle East!
Hossein will always be in my mind for his friendly, hospitality, disponibility, curiosity, honesty and sincerity. With his help I only needed one hour to pass the border into Iran. FANTASTIC. (It took me seven hours to pass the Bulgarian - Turkish border!!)
Awaiting the arrival of my wife and child in Tehran I've spend 5 unforgettable days with mr. Hossein . No problem with changing money, no problem eating and sleeping.
In every situation Mr. Hossein has the solution. His house is always open. No problem to send a fax, an e-mail, a telephone call, to buy a film for your camera, to wash my car. He, his sons or his local fiends are always available for every thing in every moment. Unforgattable the Tabriz park
tour by night.

 Your wife doesn't know how dress?
Mr Hossein is your look adviser!!

Thank you mr Hossein
P.S. The carpets are fantastic! Do you remember?

Francesco Puttilli
Bojon - Venice - Italy
July 2002

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