World Journey

I am Raphael Karan from Brazil, and started my adventurous journey around the world with my motor bike to see how the people live, and what are the stories of different cultures, traditions, religions.
I have a pleasant memory from Iran with a man who was tourist manager, and with fluent English. I didn't know I should have obtained a carnet de passage for the bike, and according to Iranian customs rules the bloody document was a must to cross the border!!
I really was disappointed, and didn't know what to do. There was no ear to listen, nobody to understand the problem!
I couldn't return back, and select different route, it was really impossible for me to decide!
On that vital moment, somebody appeared from nowhere, and introduced himself tourist manager with a fluent English, and asked what was the problem!! I couldn't believe my ears, but he was there, very kindly assured me he will do his best to convince customs authorities, though it was a difficult job!

He closed his office, and took me direct to those who had higher position, because customs officer had told him it is impossible, and don't waste your time the rules are unchangeable! He took me to the other department which was a couple of minutes from the gate. I noticed it is the office of director general. They discussed the matter for a while, although I couldn't understand the language, but was able to realize from Hossein's gestures how hard was it to make the chief understand my situation! But at last the miracle appeared, by seeing Hossein smile, and behavior I was pretty sure I am able to cross the border!
Yes Hossein did bend the rules for me ! I didn't know how to thank him, even he didn't charge anything for the great job!!
I gave my cap as a memory, I hope he still have it!

He is retired now, and doing as tourist guide in Tabriz. I saw his site with different kind of his help, to other people who had different problems! I recommend him for those who might visit Iran and wish him success in his new activities!

Raphael Karan
October 2002

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