Hello everybody!

I do work for a French Humanitarian Organization. After the crisis of Kosovo, the NGo decided to reaffect 2 vehicles from Kosovo to Afghanistan mission. Those cars were two four wheels drive. The best, and cheaper way to transport those cars was by driving them ,using the road through Turkey, and Iran.
That is what I have done, I was in charge of this mission. Our time was counted. It was in January of 2001 during winter. Believe me it was a huge luck to meet Mr.Hossein at the border between Turkey ,and Iran.He helped us a lot at the customs, insurance,and all administrative papers.

He solved it on a very efficient way.His English is pure,and fluent. It was a real help,and more over the meeting of this guy, and his personality is really interesting. We spent a few little  time with him,it was a rich time being with him!

I do recommand Mr.Hossein.You can be confident with him. Dont hesitate. At the final we succeeded to enter Afghan border without any trouble, and in time.
The success of the mission was partly
due to Hossein believe me! I have the project to return to Iran, but as a tourist, to visit those mythic place as Isfahan or Caspian sea. For sure I will manage to
meet Hossein again!

Mr. Sebatian
April 2003

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