Experiences of travellers who've met Mr. Hossein.

 A compilation of experiences can be found here.

An encounter in the North of Iran

Arranging a carnet de passage at the Iranian border

friends at the border

discovering the new

our guide for three days

a wonderful world of light and color

Obtaining a Carnet de Passage at the Bazargan Border

Hossein meets a Czech traveller

Two dutch travellers meet Hossein Ravanyar

Ben Ray meets Hossein Ravanyar

6 times round the world

Driving from Kosovo to Afganistan

Two Thai-American travellers drive to Thailand

A Brazilian traveller who got assistance from Hossein

A Swiss couple got a Carnet de Passage at the Iranian border

A Danish family travels to Iran and meets Hossein

A German traveller meets Hossein at the border

French travellers visiting Iran

An American traveller meets Mr. Hossein.

Two Croatian travellers met Mr. Hossein on their way to China.

Two Italian travellers who met Mr. Hossein at the border.

Two Dutch travellers who ran into Mr. Hossein at the Bazargan border.

Two Swiss travellers who met Mr. Hossein at the border in

Two Dutch travellers supported by Mr. Hossein at the Bazargan border.

A tourist group guided by Mr. Hossein. (Hossein is the 4th from the right)

A bus tour group helped by Mr. Hossein. (Hossein is the 1 st from the right)

A Danish couple driving through Iran with their own transportation helped by Mr. Hossein

The Island of Hormozgan

The "black church" near Maku; Although the church is very white and known by most people visiting Iran, the scene pictured below is at the end of June each year. At this time of year Armenian pilgrims visit the church to honor the Christian desiple "Sr. Thaddaeus" who is buried here. Three days of the year the scene around the church is as pictured below. Most remarkable is that Muslims are not allowed at the church during these 3 days. Also women won't wear a scarf during the festivities.
Mr. Hossein can arrange transportation to reach the somewhat remotely located church.

Murat camping in Dogubajazit; A place which has almost become a travellers hub for people visiting Iran. Closely located near Iran and situated in a volcanic landscape under the scenic Sultan palace. The place also can be used to climb the nearby mountain "Ararat", 5137 meters high. You can contact Mr. Hossein from this camping. The brothers Murat can help you contacting Mr. Hossein. (Hossein is the 2nd from the right)


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