We are Henk and Marianne from Holland.
From September 22 until October 28 we have been in Iran with our Landcruiser pickup with a small camperunit in the back.

Before we left home we had contact with Hossein by e-mail to make an appointment at the border. He was there on time. He knows how to do all the paperwork that should be done so it took us less then an hour at the border. Off course we had a visa in our passport and a carnet for the car. We had still time enough to visit the Qareh Kalisa. Hossein could tell us a lot about it and showed us around. We slept in the car in front of his house, a very quiet place. After a good breakfast made by Hossein himself, we went into town to conclude a insurance for the car. It was very helpfull that Hossein could translate. As you walk in the town you have many questions about the daily life in Iran. Hossein took us to a traditional teahouse and a place where you can eat a tastfull '„bgusht' with sangak, bread baked on a bed of stones. In the afternoon he took us to Kandovan, little CappadociŽ. The next day we said goodbye.
We think it was very helpful to have a guide the first day to get used to Iran and to answer all your questions. Hossein is very nice and speaks English well. He also knows a lot about politics in the rest of the world.
Our trip in Iran was wonderful. We 've never met such hospitable people. Many times we were invited for the tea or even a meal, but they were never obtrusive. We have been all over Iran as far as Bam. Many times we camped in the wild. We never felt insecure. In the big cities like Esfahan and Shiraz we camped in the backyard of the ITTO hotel. For  a small fee you can use the bathroom and take a shower. The mountain scenery is spectacular. On the small roads there is always some one to ask the way. The only disadvantage was the traffic. Chaotic and sometimes dangerous.
Iran is really worth a visit. The people deserve it and are really delighted that you visit  their country to see it with your own eyes.

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