First time I met Hossein Ravanyar on Turkish-Iranian border in 2000. I was on holyday trip to Iran together with my family and few friends. It is not a big problem to cross Iranian border if you do not have a car. But we have two cars and communication with Iranian officials, without kind help of Mr. Hossein, was because absence of Farsi knowledge (and knowledge of English on the other side) quite impossible. He was extremely helpful and all formalities were done in a half hour. So there is not surprising that we contact him by the way back again and thanks to him, we had no problems with customers.

After 4 years I returned to Iran for humanitarian mission after earthquake in Bam. Because of complication with Turkish officials we were forced to use way through Azerbaijan, but on the return journey I chose to cross border to Turkey. Of course I have contacted Mr. Hossein again. I spend great evening with him in his flat in Tabriz and next day he helped me cross the border again.
I could recommend his help to anybody who want to cross this border and do not want spend hours there.

May 2004
P. Kolinsky
Czech Republic

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