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Hossein Ravanyar is known by many overland travellers as "Mr. Hossein" on the Iranian-Turkish border post between Bazargan and Dogubajazit.To know more about Hossein you may check Lonely Planet of Iran:
•Edition 2004, on page 136, with information about Tabriz,
•Edition 2008, on pages 136 and 149.

Attention,important massage:

Dear clients,
It has recently come to my attention that my identity has been stolen by some one who shares my first name Hossein. As the only operator to have been recommended by the Lonely Planet of Iran provider of Carnet De Passage since 2004 the only way of identifying my contact detail is to look closely at the business address. Unfortunately he charges twice more than me for his services..


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Hossein Ravanyar lives in Iran Tabriz.