A compilation of experiences with Mr. Hossein

Saeed Sadrian - USA

Mr. Hossein Ravanyar is one of the most helpful tourist accommodators I have met in my years of world travel. On two occasions, I was arriving in Iran with an American vehicle with a California license plate. Mr. Ravanyar assisted me with all of the difficult bureaucracy and all the impossible custom matters. He helped me to insure the vehicle in Iran and whatever else I needed at the border. 
I recommend Mr. Ravanyar as a sincere, diligent, honest advocate for your next trip. 

Saeed Sadrian
North County San Diego, CA
May 2002

Rolf Wang-Norderud - Norway

This is to confirm that I personally have met and experienced the excellent tourist service from Mr. Hossein in Tabriz. 
I met him as a official touristofficer. Mr. Hosseins know-how and positive attitude made my travel and staying at different places in Iran a pleasure. I was, in year 2001, assisted during my two weeks staying in Iran, from Zahedan in south to the Turkish border at Bazargan.

It is therefore easy for me to advice other tourists to meet and use the know-how of the mentioned Mr. Hossein Ravanjar, hoping they will have the same experience as I had.

Rolf Wang-Norderud 
June 2002

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Alastair Caldwell - England

Thank you for your help when crossing the border with my Royal Enfield motorbike. Thanks to you we had a great trip from Delhi to London.  If I decide to bring over one of my cars for an adventure I will definitely get in touch.
Alastair Caldwell
June 2002

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Jamshid - Germany

A member of the Mr. Hossein's family wrote:
"My name is Jamshid, Mr. Hussein's nephew. I live in Germany for about 18 years and know my uncle since my childhood. I remember him with tourists when I was still living in Iran. About Mr. Hossein I can say that he is very professional and helps tourists heartwarmingly well.

In Germany I get at least 3 or 4 phone calls a year from tourists who were in Iran recently. They tell me their interesting stories about Iran and how friendly ,
helpful and nice Mr. Hossein is. To my opinion it's really worth to know Mr. Hossein."

July 2002


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Norbert Fink - Germany (letter just in German)

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