Croatia-China by Car

Sometimes oasis doesn't have to be a be a beautiful grassy land full of water in the midle of a desert oasis is sometimes a friendly local man in a foreign country.
In year 2001. on our way from Croatia over Hungary, Romania, Bulgary, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan to China, we met thousands of different people, but, there is allways  someone you remember the best.
Having problems on the Bazargan border with carnet-de-passage for our 16 years old Mitsubishi Pajero, we thought that everyone and everything is against us. Fortunately, not everyone.
Mr. Hossein Ravanyar, at that time border employee, has seen two overlanders without an expirience for border-crossing in eastern countries and helped them. Our problems were solved imidiately!!!

After few months, on our way back from China, we had an old friend waiting for us on Iran Turkey border. If anybody will travel trough Iran, we wish him to meet Mr. Hossein Ravanyar for he is an oasis for travelers!

Boris Veličan & Vjeran Hrpka
July 2002

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